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Hello you!
Let's be specific, shall we?

This Journal is a:

you know the drill...


Adding you now darhling.

And btw cuntastic, best name eva

added with a twist of lemon, dear.


I was a friend in your old journal and I was hoping to stay on here. I know that we didn't chat all that much but I'm hoping to have another chance! I'm a huge D/H fan and I'm sure there's even more than that that we have in common...

*sends love and hopes*


of course! Adding you now!





*comment* I'm happy for your new journal to be friended in if that's okay with you? Just forgive the lack of updates recently from my point of view!

that's fine. I'm going to add you, so add me back! :)

Add me....

Missyou, Chepot! :) My real blog is at blogspot.
How are you?

abbie!!!! OMG! You have an LJ too! Of course I'm going to add you!

I know I should be updating this. Don't worry, I'll do it one of these days. *crosses fingers*

Add me back, okay?

and pretty little ol me, pwease?

crap, didn't notice this. Adding you now, honey.

Finally got around to this. Added you because I couldn't live without your marvelous posts.

*slaps herself* Why didn't I get this? Oh well, you're added already.


http://choker.blogdrive.com/ - Your guess is as good as mine! :) Got this from Ida Torres' blog.

Hi, I'm sorry to do this here, but I couldn't find your e-mail addy. A friend and I are interested in starting a community on LJ since Yahoo! recently re-designed their community layout and it rather sucks now. She and I are both current LJ users, but I wanted to find out how easy/hard it is to mod a community. What are some of your exeriences at thelemontree with setting up the community, keeping things up to date, dealing with jerky people, etc... Any suggestions you have would be greatly appreciated!!! You can e-mail me at "elsolomio@yahoo.com" or leave a message on my LJ site.

Thanks so much for your time!


Honey, I am so sorry that I didn't get a chance to reply to you sooner! But to answer your question, it's really not that hard to be a mod in a comm... as long as you leave rules, give the specifics or objectives of your comm, then you're all set. Some jerky people will always come, but you just have to handle it with poise when dealing with them. If they don't get you the first time, explain it to them again. If they still can't get it, then they're not worthy to be in your lovely comm.

Hope that helps, even tho I'm overly late to respond to your inquiry.

Let me know how it goes! Take care!!!

sure! Just a quick one, how did you manage to find me? Was wondering if you know me from somewhere.