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I was at your community, or I don't know if it is your community, but you were the first in the list to contact in regards to affiliates [or promotion, or whichever]. This is the community I'm talking about -- thelemontree.

Anyway I was wondering if you wanted to be affiliated with my RPG -- ready_to_fall_r, which is Harry/Draco based during Harry's 7th year. Or if you don't affiliate with RPGs, I was wondering if I could promote it in your community. I solemnly swear to uphold the values of Draco/Harry shipping...obviously.

Thank you.

Hey you! I will contact the other mods about your request but you already have my yes!


I spoke to the mods and yes, we would be happy if you affiliate our comm and you can promote your RPG in thelemontree.

If you have a banner or some sort where we can show we are affiliated to your RPG, send it to me via email at

Muchos Gracias!

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